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Graphic design is ultimately about creating form to serve purpose. In order for any design to fulfill its purpose, it must meet certain criteria. One might say graphic design has to be clear, create order, be contemporary or just simply put the message across. It might also need to provoke, challenge or even confuse. But whatever the intention or purpose, the results are only as good as the collaboration with the client…

The client’s needs always come first. It’s my job to find creative solutions in order to serve those. However, it’s a shared vision and willingness to work together that enable me to do that job in the best imaginable way. So as for you, I hope my vision will appeal to you too. Then, together we’ll come up with new ways to make your design reach its full potential.


I offer a broad range of graphic design services for entrepreneurs, bands, agencies, foundations and small to medium sized companies. For print, as well as for digital media.


Well executed graphic design is of great benefit to your brand's presence. A unique blend of typography, colors and imagery helps tell your story, build your brand and convey your message.

visual identity.

I'll provide you with a strong and meaningful foundation to set your brand apart. From logo design to comprehensive style guides, serving as the beating heart of your visual identity.

print media.

From business cards to image brochures, from posters to packaging, you can count on my experience to turn your message into unique visual statements.

holistic branding concepts.

As Bright Idea, I and Dr. Katja Brunkhorst offer you the complete package of design, copy & storytelling that will make your brand stand out on all levels. Check us out here

digital media.

My expertise beyond traditional graphic design allows me to offer you consistent visual output in digital media. From presentations right up to programming your complete website. All from the same source.


webdesign & programming.

Custom web design, programmed in pure HTML or based on custom templates for WordPress. I'll make your online presence count.



Online, Keynote or PowerPoint presentations or even your own digital styleguide; anything goes. I help you get the message across in line with your visual identity.


social media & online marketing.

A consistent online presence means keeping your visual identity in line on every channel. I can help you streamline just that.